Business advisory


Your partner in progress

 We know how hard you have to work to build your business. Having a partner that you can trust to lighten the load and look after your interests is invaluable. As seasoned experts in business consulting we can set you up for success, protect your assets and help to ensure all your hard work pays off.

 Business structure

 There are many different structures that may be appropriate for your business, including sole trader, partnership, company, unit trust or a discretionary trust. Each of these entities has a different tax regime, and different professions have specific rules that must be applied to determine the appropriate structure. Careful consideration must also be given to any potential downturn in business activity. We can help you to make sense of all the options and ensure that you use the laws to protect your personal assets.


 Succession planning

Having a plan that allows you to step away seamlessly when the time is right is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business is. We understand just how much is at stake personally and professionally. We work with you to develop a succession strategy that delivers the results that you want, with minimal impact on the business or your lifestyle.


Remuneration strategy

The importance of a well-structured remuneration package cannot be underestimated in today’s highly competitive employment landscape if you’re looking to attract and retain the best people. Our advisers work with you to develop and implement the right strategy for your business.


Due Diligence

Whether you are buying or merging a business, our advisers can cast an expert eye over its structure and financial details. A detailed due diligence process will give you peace of mind that you can proceed to settlement with no stone left unturned.